Employment With BatonUSA

Employment With BatonUSA

Our Clients depend upon us at BatonUSA to work for them. We do not work for BatonUSA. We work for both the Apprentice/Buyer and the Business Owner/Seller.
The Apprentice/Buyer and Business Owner/Seller are equal clients.

We believe that the reward for a job well done is the opportunity to do it again for someone else.

We believe that when you satisfy other peoples needs, your own needs will be met and by helping to solve other peoples problems you will have less problems yourself.

We are looking for independent contractors that believe the same as we do.

Business Analyst, Independent Contractor

No Sales Involved.

  • You must be detail oriented, self motivated with a positive attitude, and have empathy towards others.
  • You must be a “multi-tasker” with excellent verbal communication skills.
  • You must have a “Can Do!” attitude.
  • You can reside anywhere in the United States and work from home.
  • You must be willing to travel two to three days per week (or more if you prefer).
  • We can teach you to read Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements and Tax Returns.
  • You must be detail oriented (yes, I said that twice) and like people.
  • Two last things: You must keep your shoes shined and be polite!

Please send your resume and cover letter to: (no emails – snail mail only!)

John Loewen

C/O BatonUSA

P. O. Box 3003

Othello, WA 99344