About Us

About Us

Do you want to BE YOUR OWN BOSS?  Or do you have a business that you are ready to Pass the Baton to someone else?  If so, welcome to BatonUSA. My name is John Loewen. I have the pleasure to serve our clients as an Account Manager and Business Analyst. I’m also the founder of the company and president of PurrPetual Developments, Inc.

Five years ago I had an inspired idea from an Inc. Magazine article I once read. Inc. Magazine published an article describing the “Most Valuable Companies in America”. In the article was a paragraph titled “The Boomer Effect”; it stated that “An estimated 65 percent to 75 percent of the small companies in the U.S. – some 10 million – will likely hang up a ‘for sale’ sign over the next 10 years. Why? Retiring baby boomers.”

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964.  During 2017 the oldest baby Boomer will turn 71 years old and the youngest is 53.  Imagine that! Right now there are over a million business owners in the U.S. that want to retire and turn their businesses over to someone else. MORE THAN A MILLION!

The retiring Baby Boomers have created an opportunity for individuals that have completed their education. The Boomers are also creating an opportunity for those that are currently attending post-secondary and vocational or trade schools and are soon to graduate: Additionally in the United States each year there are nearly 300,000 individuals, and their families, that are transitioning from active military duty to the civilian job market.  There are nearly 19,000,000 U. S. veterans living in the United States, plus their spouses, children and grandchildren.  We are sure that some of these individuals that don’t already own their own business would like to.

Our research indicates that 1/3 of adults under the age of 45 want to have their own business. Most of you believe that your business ownership will come from starting your own company, not from purchasing an existing business. Many of you believe you need to “start up” a business simply because you don’t know how to purchase an existing business; or you don’t believe you could qualify for a purchase.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) states that 50% of businesses fail within the first four years, as reported by Casey Stegall, March 27, 2011, Fox News – America’s News HQ.

There is less risk in purchasing an established business with a client base already intact. A viable existing business provides a solid foundation for future growth.

Business owners have many problems when it’s time for them to sell their company. There are no accurate statistical reports on the number of successful business owners in comparison to the business owners that could not sell their company. Most research shows that 25% – 30% of those wanting to sell are successful. Some professionals working within the Mergers & Acquisition industry claim the success rate for businesses grossing under $1million is more like 4% – 7%. Even so, at best, 70% of business owners fail to sell their business.

If you ask any current business owner, “When the time is right for you to leave your business, are you going to be able to sell your business?”, the overwhelming response would be, “Yes, of course. At least I hope so”.  Then asked them, “How are you planning to sell your business?”  Most would likely answer, “Not sure, but someone will want it”.  If they are lucky enough to find a buyer, most sellers will end up “carrying the contract” with hopes of getting paid over time, when in fact, they need the money at closing to pay off debt and protect their retirement.

The fact is every business owner will leave their company. You will either sell it, give it away or close the doors and walk away. Most will liquidate their assets and walk away, leaving their employees to fend for themselves.

BatonUSA’s Mission is to equip people with the formula for successful business ownership, and to help the retiring generation ease into a comfortable life.  Passing the Baton…One Generation to the Next.

We have four goals:

1) To help as many business owners as we can to receive Fair Market Value for their many years of long hours and hard work. To achieve this by helping them to pass their business to the next generation;
2) In so doing protect the company employees from losing their jobs;
3) To help our American veterans gain a solid foundation for their, and their families’ future;
4) To help strengthen our economy by preserving businesses and employ more people as the business grows!

BatonUSA was a concept in November 2010.

Prior to BatonUSA, I was responsible for the review, initial analysis, selection and recommendation of companies to be accepted to enter the Merger & Acquisition industry with an investment banking firm located near Dallas, Texas.

I’m assembling a national team of talented individuals for the purpose of assisting you, the Apprentice/Buyer and the Business Owner/Seller, so that you can have what you both want:  A better future.

For our Apprentice/Buyer we are a company that will work hard, and will always do what is right to help make your dream of business ownership a reality. For the Business Owner/Seller wanting to retire from your business’ we will also work hard for you. Through honest, ethical and value-added services we will help you to achieve your goal. By using our process and listening to your BatonUSA account manager this will create a WIN Situation For All.

Always remember:


Thank you.