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If Your Job Is Going To Be Your Life...
Why Not Make It Your Business?



(Business Owners wishing to sell to a Current Employee, see Seller's FAQ #2)






  • Do you want to work for someone else, or work for yourself?

  • Do you want to be the one hiring and firing, or the one that gets hired or fired?

  • Discharged from the U.S. Military, or about to be soon?

  • Are you about to graduate from a Trade, Technical, two or four year College or University?  Have you already completed your education?

  • Are you currently working for someone?

  • Are you unemployed?  Is it time to "remake" yourself?

  • You truly believe that business ownership is what you want.  You're smart.  You have people skills.

  • You want more out of life than just punching a time clock.

    BatonUSA will match you with an existing business of your chosen career field, located in your desired area. BatonUSA will Match, Mentor, Monitor, Mediate and help to Manage you through a process of training into that business.


    Then...  You can purchase that business and be your own boss.




"Success comes in cans. . .Failure comes in can'ts."


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